Natural Product Review: Rodent Sheriff

Natural Product Review: Rodent Sheriff

Rodent SheriffI’m always having trouble with rodents and other pests in my garage and my barn, but I hate the thought of killing anything, much less cute little field mice. So I don’t like the standard mouse trap that kills them.

But I also don’t want to try to catch them live and put them somewhere else. That’s a bit over the top for me.

Because of this, I’m always on the alert for a better way to fix this age-old problem.

While cruising the internet, I saw this new spray critter-repellent product called Rodent Sheriff and it really caught my attention, and not just for the witty name!

It’s a pretty simple product, really, but it satisfies a lot of my personal requirements.

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Check out these features of Rodent Sheriff:

  • Rodent Sheriff is all natural (it is made from natural peppermint oil). It is not harmful to the environment, or to you, your pets and your kids, but pests really hate it!
  • Rodent Sheriff can safely be sprayed in areas where pets and children play. It is also safe to use around garden veggies and fruit trees.
  • It comes in a convenient spray bottle that is easy to use with one hand and is not overly large, making it easy for smaller hands to use.
  • The pleasant scent and natural ingredients make it practical to use indoors as well as out.
  • The areas you can use it in are practically limitless! Your garage, your basement, your kitchen, your shed, your barn, around the garden, around your garbage cans, around your fruit trees, even in your car!

Did I already mention I’m somewhat of a health freak? It always bugs me (no pun intended!) that most of the rodent and pest stuff that professionals put in your house and on your lawn are awful!

Some of them smell really bad, but it’s what I don’t know about them that scares me most.

I really, really don’t want my dog rolling around on the lawn or my kids playing on the kitchen floor after the pro comes in. How long do you have to wait?

Well, Rodent Sheriff takes care of that for me.

How to Use Rodent Sheriff:

Another great thing about this product is how simple it is to use.

It comes in a spray bottle, so all you really need to do is go around spraying the areas where you have pest problems.

For your house, spray along baseboards, doors, windows, and anywhere that mice or other critters can get in.

Same with your garage, barn, or wherever else you can think of!

Pros and Cons

Nothing is perfect, so here are some pros and cons I found.

First, the pros…

Here’s what I like about Rodent Sheriff:

  • It’s easy to apply.
  • It smells good.
  • I know it’s made of natural ingredients.
  • I don’t have to worry about my pets or kids getting sick.
  • It is reasonably priced, much less expensive than calling a professional.
  • I can use it virtually anywhere.
  • Each bottle is good for 1000 sprays.
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

So now for the negatives:

  • You have to reapply probably more often then a professional chemical.
  • Some people may not like the peppermint smell (though this isn’t a problem for me, I personally like it).
  • Rodent Sheriff is currently only available on the internet, so if you run out, you will need to wait on shipping to get more.

Where is the best place to buy Rodent Sheriff?

Since it’s not sold in stores, the best source is to buy it directly from the official website: www.RodentSheriff.com

They have the best deal by far:

It is $10 per bottle, which is good for 1000 sprays.

Also, if you buy from the website, you can get two bottles for the price of one (which will give you 2,000 sprays).

Though you do have to add shipping and handling for one bottle ($7.95) or two bottles (additional $1.95), this is still competitive with other products and is much cheaper than calling a pro!

The manufacturer is also offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

Overall, I think it’s a really good deal.

Should you try Rodent Sheriff?

If you are like me and want a humane way to keep out the mice and other pests, but you hate the thought of nasty chemicals all over your house, garage and garden, you really should try Rodent Sheriff.

It puts pest control into your own hands on your own time frame and it is so much cheaper than calling the pros.

You will never have to worry about sick kids and pets, and it smells great too!

Give it a shot, I’m sure you will like it!

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Another great use for peppermint oil – Rodents stay away!

Another great use for peppermint oil – Rodents stay away!

rodent sheriff peppermint oilI’ve always been interested in essential oils and their properties. One of my favorites essential oils is oil of peppermint. It has such a wonderful and inviting natural smell that brings up fond associations of candy and holidays. Besides being a key flavoring in candy and desserts, there are many healthy reasons to consider peppermint oil.

It has long been used for a number of external body applications. You can use it to make a soothing muscle rub for tired and sore muscles. You can use it for a tonic for you face. You can put it in a diffuser and experience the mood-elevating effects of breathing the vapor. Mommas can use it to help babies and children with the pain of teething.

People have also been known to take it for a variety of internal treatments. It can help with nausea and improve digestion. Enjoy a mint after dinner? Now you know why!

It is even useful to use peppermint oil as an ingredient in natural bug repellent sprays. I have tried this and it really works!

Imagine my surprise when I was researching natural ways to keep rodents out of my house and garage and I discovered that rats and mice and other small creatures really hate the smell of peppermint oil! Yet one more use for this versatile natural oil….as a pest deterrent!

So I went about to find the best way to apply it and I came upon an existing preparation for just this purpose. It is called Rodent Sheriff and it’s a spray that you can apply almost anywhere you need to keep out pests. The active ingredient is peppermint oil and it is safe for people, kids, pets and even vegetable garden areas. I decided that I really must try this product.

You can get it online at www.RodentSheriff.com for $10 for a 1000-spray bottle plus $7.95 shipping and handling. They also have an offer for a second bottle free, just add $1.95 shipping and handling.

You should give Rodent Sheriff a try for keeping the rodents out!

Rodent Sheriff: The “Better Mousetrap”

Rodent Sheriff: The “Better Mousetrap”

rodent sheriff reviewsIt’s that time of year again and the mice are looking for a place to nest and have babies.

Every year they get into my fabric items stored in the garage, like my lawn chair cushions and my umbrellas. They feast on my grass seed…yeah, I know, put it in a sealed bucket.

But still! They leave their droppings everywhere and it’s just gross. One year three of them even set up camp inside the dash in my car! That was the worst.

I’ve tried different methods. Of course there is the regular old mouse trap. Put the cheese in it, cock back the spring and wait. Hard to load and you might take off a finger. Nasty job to empty and not for the faint of heart. Plus, it’s inhumane and I don’t like the idea of killing innocent mice who aren’t technically doing anything wrong (albeit irritating!)

So what’s a person to do? There’s all that chemical stuff and poison pellets. There are little one-way traps. There are live traps where you have to go let them out somewhere. But it seems like all of the typical commercial methods still have the critters coming in and leaving a mess before they get “taken care of”.

I’m looking for a deterrent. Keep them out in the first place!

One method of deterrent out there that seems to work is to put a thick line of ground cayenne pepper around the outside perimeter of the garage and then inside too. You have to buy the super-big container of it at the wholesale club. This does seem to work, at least for a while. I found it to be messy, though, and the stuff in front of the door always gets swept away or gets on your shoes and whatever rolls across the path.

The stuff outside just blows away. It has also caused some sneezing when whipped up in the wind.

I did find an interesting option for a deterrent and that’s a commercial spray application called Rodent Sheriff. It’s a natural solution of peppermint oil that rodents and squirrels and those type of pests really hate. Because it’s natural, it can be sprayed nearly anywhere safely. I liked it because it was in an easy-to-use spray bottle and it smells good. It goes on wet, but dries out.

Rodent Sheriff is available online at www.RodentSheriff.com. I figured it was a pretty good risk to try it because it has a 30-day money back guarantee and right now they are offering a two-for-one special.

Is this the new mousetrap??